Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment


Are you a clinical investigator or CRO looking to maximize the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts?

We are digital marketing experts with a long history of providing cost-effective targeted advertising that significantly outperforms traditional media outreach methods. We can identify the target population of your study, target them online using best-in-breed marketing methods, and deliver leads to you using your preferred method in real-time.

Key Benefits

  • Reach the bulk of patients online
  • Utilize Google, Facebook & display ads
  • At least 2x more effective than traditional media
  • Real-time patient processing for maximum retention
  • Secure and compliant with HIPPA
  • Can target any indications
  • Can screen for any inclusion or exclusion
  • Setup in less than a week

The Process

We utilize our proprietary organic content as well as Google, Facebook, display advertising and similar channels to ensure we reach anyone online that may be interested in your trial.

We've mapped out our online advertising process to give you a sense of what a recruitment campaign would look like. Before any campaigns run, we ensure compliance and use best practices to ensure patients are both comfortable and informed of the process prior to transfering a lead.

We take care of anything the patient sees during the recruitment process, from the ads themselves to the landing pages which inform them of the trial opportunity.

The Steps

  • Identify - We research and segment your desired patient population online
  • Target - We target those patients with best-in-breed advertising methods
  • Qualify & Refer - We screen & qualify patients before referring them to you

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